• AUG 04
    Celect™ Awarded Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Website

    Celect™ is proud to announce a partnership with the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation to provide a custom-designed website for the Foundation on the Celect Platform. The new website will enhance the Foundation's online presence and integrate with the Sigma Alpha Mu (ΣΑΜ) Fraternity website, which will also be provided by Celect.

    "We are pleased that the Foundation decided to sign on with us as well, since this development means that we will be providing a truly comprehensive online solution for ΣΑΜ," said Mark Anderson, President and COO of Celect.

    The Foundation will work with Celect's graphic designers to create a branded website that represents ΣΑΜ's unique characteristics as well as the Foundation's particular focus on scholarship and leadership. The Foundation provides need-based scholarships to worthy students, as well as grants for educational programs supporting leadership, professional development, and community involvement.

    "We've decided to launch our own website in 2010 to promote the Foundation's mission and programs. The capabilities of the Celect Platform will allow the Foundation to have a site that will provide information on the Foundation's programs, recognize donors, and highlight the impact of programs on students and the public," said Aaron Girson, Executive Vice President of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation.

    The Foundation will have access to all of the features that come with the Celect Platform, such as photo galleries, media uploads, and custom forms, to help showcase and further their philanthropic accomplishments. Features such as news feeds, events, and calendars will also be available to keep members informed about important Foundation developments.

    "We look forward to our continuing relationship with the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation and are proud to support their mission of promoting scholarship and leadership. We hope that Celect's services will help them to accomplish their long-term goals," said Anderson.